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Stencil Printer Machine,PCB Solder Paste Printing Equipment Suppliers , SMTfly-BTB Technical Parameters: New Automatic Solder Paste Printer For SMT &PCBA Key Features: 1. Scraper system * the arch bridge is suspended straight and straight * programmable suspension self-adjusting stepping...
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Stencil Printer Machine,PCB Solder Paste Printing Equipment SuppliersSMTfly-BTB Technical Parameters:



Screen Frames Min Size


Screen Frames Max Size


Screen Frames Thickness


PCB Min Size


PCB Max Size


PCB Thickness


PCB War page


Transport Height


Transport Direction


Transport Speed

Max 1500mm/S Programmable

Board Location PCB Support System

Magnetic Pin/Up-down table adjusted/support block

Board  Location PCB Clamping System

side clamping, vacuum nozzle

Print head

Two independent motorized print heads



Squeegee Pressure


Squeegee Angle


Squeegee Type

Stainless   steel(Standard), plastic

Stencil Separation Speed

0.1~20mm/sec   Programmable

Cleaning System

Dry、Wet、Vacuum (Programmable)

Table Adjustment ranges


Repeat Position Accuracy


Printing Accuracy


Cycle Time

<7s (Exclude Printing & Cleaning)

Product Changeover


Air Required


Power Input

AC:220±10%,50/60HZ 1Φ 3KW

Control Method

PC Control

Machine Dimensions

1220(L)X1355(W)X1500(H) 1220(L)X2800(W)X1500(H)

Machine Weight

Approx:1000Kg 2000KG

New Automatic Solder Paste Printer For SMT &PCBA Key Features:

1. Scraper system

* the arch bridge is suspended straight and straight

* programmable suspension self-adjusting stepping motor drives the printing head

* four-wheel positioning sliding rail structure of bilateral double-slide block ensures the accuracy and smoothness of operation before and after scraping

* for before and after the squeegee pressure difference required and the stability of the lifting design, to prevent leakage of solder paste and blade clamping design has certain elasticity, squeegee pressure, lifting speed, the printing speed, print scope software is adjustable, and provides customers with a variety of tin under the demoulding ways to adapt to different requirements of PCB, for the customer provides a good platform for the control of printing;

* slide rail scraper system to improve operation stability and prolong service life;

Full closed-loop scraper pressure feedback device, always monitor the pressure of scraper pressure, make the lower tin more full;

2. Steel mesh positioning system

The size of steel mesh has good and wide applicability

The imported SMC cylinder is used as the cylinder.

Embedded scale, never fall off

Segmented fixed steel frame


3. Image and optical path system

X, the Y-axis USES the Japanese black field high ground wire rod, the two ends Japan matsushita motor drive

Internal increase polaroid, automatic accurate grasping different type of the MARK point

Upper, lower and coaxial 3 uniform light source

Japan's Toshiba industrial camera


4. PCB transportation and positioning system

The inlet direction arbitrary selection, free combination

Special process of inner tooth transport belt, prevent card board

Programmable transport speed control can make the suspension more accurate

Use the sexual side clamp and vacuum suction chamber, effectively clamping the PCB to ensure the complete smooth contact between PCB and steel mesh.


5. Cleaning system

Spray type cleaning

Dry, wet, vacuum-free combination

Separate cleaning structures

Circular cleaning rubber strip

Cleaning fluid, and steel net cleaning paper amount controlled


6. Platform calibration system

UVW platform structure, high precision, large rigidity and compact structure

Triaxial linkage, small volume, high precision

7. Base and rack system

Solid forming

Panasonic motor plus Japan original plant high precision ground wire rod

High rigidity, high stability of left and right symmetrical


8. Electrical road system

Safe and concise circuit gas circuit layout

The circuit gas road erect the two sides and the rear of the machine, the maintenance is convenient.


9. Operating system

Easy to learn easy to use friendly operation interface, with good man-machine dialogue function

The program file has teaching and navigation functions, and every step has a hint

Switch between Chinese and English

It has operation log, fault recording analysis and diagnosis


10.Other functional options

Automatic point glue function

Automatic scanning function

Automatic add tin function

The whole line closed loop control

Constant temperature and humidity function

Steel mesh plugging function

Other functions can be customized according to customer's actual demand

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Machine Solder Paste Printer Product Application Pictures:


Packaging & Shipping:





Q:Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

We are manufacturer with 15 years’ experience in Chinese SMT field,  and we not only concentrate on domestic trade but also cooperate with a great many foreign customers.

Q:What is your minimum order quantity?

Our MOQ is 1 set.

Q:How long will you delivery your product ?

In general, we will delivery our machine with 5-7 days upon receipt of your full payment.

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