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High Precision Automated Dispensing Machine Technical Parameter: SMT Glue Coating Machine Characteristic : 1.WINDOWS XP Chinese interface, easy to understand; 2.With painting points, lines, surfaces, arcs, circles, irregular curves, continuous inter room and three axis linkage functions; 3.The...
Product description

High Precision Automated Dispensing Machine Technical Parameter:


Two belt conveyor

Max speed:


RBI speed:

Continuous RBI 18000 points /min



Scope of work:

450 (X) *450 (Y) *100 (Z) mm

Machine size:

1350 (L) *1050 (W) *1700 (H) mm

Repeat ability accuracy:

+ 0.02mm

Power supply:

AC220V, 50-60HZ, 1.5KW

Working environment:

Humidity 20-90% degree, temperature 0-40 degrees centigrade

Operating system:


Drive mode:

Servo motor / ball screw

Air source:


Minimum vomiting volume:

0.01 (ML)



SMT Glue Coating Machine Characteristic

1.WINDOWS XP Chinese interface, easy to understand;

2.With painting points, lines, surfaces, arcs, circles, irregular curves, continuous inter room and three axis linkage functions;

3.The memory capacity of the hard disk is large,and the software has the functions of region array, translation and rotation operation;

4.Glue size, speed, dispensing time, stop adhesive time all can set parameters, the quantity of cement stable, vacuum suction without leaking and dripping;

5.Import AUTOCAD file function, precise and simplified operation;

6.Glue time control resolution 1ms;

7.Mark point automatic positioning function to ensure accurate dispensing position;

8.Optional pressure tank rubber storage operation, save glue change time;

Glue Types of Machine:

fluid dispensing / spray, such as red glue, UV glue, AB glue, EPOXY (black glue), glue, epoxy resin, solder paste, transparent paint, screw fixing agent etc..

Industrial Glue Coating Equipment Application:

PCB board assembly: SMT bonding fixed, fine coating, bottom filling, stickers stick) microelectronics package, flip chip, wafer link, chip package, dam filling, flux spray coating and other non-contact point glue.

The machine mainly uses red plastic, hot melt adhesive and so on. Red plastic production process is a SMT production process, generally with the plug with the production, the use of red plastic heat curing characteristics to stick to the patch of electronic materials. Hot melt adhesive for edge, plywood core, board splicing, furniture, tenon joints, footwear industry.

Hot Melt Coating Machine Advantage:

Automatic on-line spray, automatic access to materials. Non-contact jet technology, to achieve a high degree of precise positioning, to eliminate the work piece surface and needle collision, reduce downtime and waste rate;

Non-contact laser height measurement technology, automatic detection of product height, automatic adjustment of spray height, to avoid product damage, easy programming debugging, improve the degree of automation and dispensing accuracy;

Machine features any equipped: injection valve, screw valve, hit the needle valve

First, the advantages of injection valve:

Injection valve use Fluid dispensing technology is a key technology in microelectronics packaging, it can form the formation of points, lines, surface (coating) and a variety of graphics, a large number of fixed on the chip, package upside down and chip coating. This technique is accurate in a controlled manner

(Solder, conductive adhesive, epoxy resin and adhesive, etc.) to the appropriate location of the work piece (chip, electronic component, etc.) to achieve mechanical or electrical connection between the components, which Technical requirements Dispensing system operating performance, dispensing speed

High and point out the point of good consistency and high precision.

Second, the advantages of screw valve: utility model provides a dispensing fast, accurate, broken glue clean, sealed structure is not easy to damage the dispensing screw valve.

SEC-520DL online high-speed jet dispenser machine is a non-standard dispenser, optional injection valve or screw valve, optional work piece heating system to enhance the bottom of the filling when the flow of paint, optional precision test Heavy system, intelligent control and detection of dispensing volume, indeed

The consistency of the dispensing, optional large-capacity feeding system, reduce the frequency of the addition or replacement of paint, paint capacity automatically detected.

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