Laser Soldering Machine for PCB Board

Laser Soldering Machine for PCB Board ,SMTfly-30TS Specification: Model SMTfly-30TS Laser wave length 808±8nm Fiber Optic Terminal Output Power 30±6W Fiber Diameter 400um/600um Fiber Connector SMA905 Numerical Aperture 0.22 Rated Power 500VA Indicating Laser 635±6nm,5mw AC Power AC 220V±10%...
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 Laser Soldering Machine for PCB Board ,SMTfly-30TS Specification:


Laser wave: length808±8nm

Fiber Optic Terminal Output Power:30±6W

Fiber Diameter:400um/600um

Fiber Connector:SMA905

Numerical Aperture:0.22

Rated Power:500VA

Indicating Laser:635±6nm,5mw

AC PowerAC :220V±10% 50HZ,15A

Environment temperature:10-35℃

Relative humidity:≤80%RH

Atmospheric pressure:≤86-106Kpa

Environmental cleanlinessAir dust:≤0.01g/m3


 Features of PCB Laser Soldering System FPC Laser Soldering Machine:


1. The professionally designed soldering system is compatible with the use of visual positioning CCDs. It also integrates solder paste and laser functions to realize the integration of laser and solder paste.

2. visual positioning CCD professional algorithm, complete accurate positioning.

3. the device uses touch screen control, adjustable waveform, adapt to precision soldering.

4. The laser power supply adopts current feedback control to stably output laser energy

5. The laser is imported from the United States and its quality is guaranteed.

6. The optical fiber output is single-mode fiber and the beam quality is good.

7. the device with 20 times CCD display, a clear monitoring of the welding process.

8. Our company has produced a fully automatic welding machine. The loading and unloading are automated and unmanned.


Laser Selective Soldering Machine  Application:


High-density interconnect chips, ICs, chip components, connectors, headphone plugs, cell phone speakers, energy-saving lamps, FPC flexible circuit boards, cell phone cameras, circuit board soldering of special components.


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