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PCB Pick and Place Machine for Printed Circuit Board P&P Machine: Printed Circuit Board P&P Machine Specification: Applicable Mounting Range:Suitable for 0402,0603,0805,1206,LED lamp beads,diodes,transistors,SOT,45*45mm range pin pitch ≥ 0.03mm QFP,BZGA etc. Parts of PCB Pick and Place...
Product description

PCB Pick and Place Machine for Printed Circuit Board P&P Machine: 


Printed Circuit Board P&P Machine Specification:


60    (before 24 after 36)


Support    12 groups

Placement    head

6(without    changing the nozzle)

Average    power


Positioning    accuracy


Nozzle    buffer range



220V,    50Hz

Compressed    air


Drive    motor

Matsushita    servo motor

Max    PCB area


XY    Max movement range


Z    Axis movement range


Belt    Feeder

8,12,16,24    32mm Feida, shock Feida XY Transmission: Imported TBI high-precision ball    screw + imported TBI heavy duty linear guide.

Max    chip speed


Into    the board way

Three-stage    into the board from left to right automatic connection (into the board to be    board, board waiting board) automatic PCB transfer positioning

XYZ    Drive rail

TBI    high precision heavy linear guide

Motion    drive system

Panasonic    high-speed DSP-driven

Nozzle    vacuum source

High-speed    vacuum generator with vacuum breaker

Operating    system

Based    on the Windows operating system, Kay Yang technology company independently    developed automatic placement machine operating system.

Component    angle

0-360    ° Any angle, synchronous rotation in motion

X/Y    Operation Mode

Smart    curve acceleration and deceleration linear linkage

Into    the board way

Single-stage    automatic connection from left to right, automatic PCB transfer positioning.

Visual    display

2    Industrial control display ratio 4: 3 resolution of 1024x760


peer-to-peer    programming,visual programming,PCB file coordinate import

Identify    the number of cameras

a    Mark recognition camera, six simultaneous high-speed recognition camera, a 5    million pixel high-precision recognition camera.

Rail    adjustment mode

Manual    + automatic

Open    cover alarm

Slow    down or down

Placement    optimization

the    program automatically optimize the placement completed to continue production    without waiting for a reset.

Mount    mode

Manual    semi-automatic fully automatic

Operation    window

Dual    display before and after the operation more user-friendly design.

Automatic    connection

Automatically    connected to the front and rear band signal equipment.

Shortcut    button

Offline    reset automatic operation to clear the alarm.

Applicable    Mounting Range

Suitable    for 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206, LED lamp bead, diode, triode, SOT, QFP, BGA with    pin pitch greater than 0.3mm in 45 * 45mm range.




1395    * 1180 * 1376mm

Applicable Mounting Range:Suitable for 0402,0603,0805,1206,LED lamp beads,diodes,transistors,SOT,45*45mm range pin pitch ≥ 0.03mm QFP,BZGA etc.

Parts of PCB Pick and Place Machine Features:


High    precision equipment, the machine is equipped with eight cameras, a Mark, a    high-precision camera, six high-speed recognition camera can effectively    mount 0402-5050 RCA, two transistors, SOP, QFP-256 chip, BGA and other sizes    45mm * 45mm size recognition of components within the placement.


XY    drive using imported high precision grinding ball screw + imported heavy    linear guide, fast positioning, low noise, high precision.


Stability,    using Japan Matsushita servo motor and drive, TBI precision linear guide,    Japan vacuum generator, JUKI high-precision nozzle, automatic feeding    integrated system high configuration PC industrial computer, effectively    protect the machine's long-term operation of the stability.


Three-stage    transmission from left to right automatic connection (the first section is    responsible for waiting for the board, the second section is responsible for    affixed to the board. Out of the machine into the reflow) effectively save    the pass board time, higher efficiency.

FAQ of Our Machine:

What Methods of Payment Are Acceptable?

1. Telegraphic Transfer (T/T): we accept 70% T/T deposit before production and 30% T/T Balance before shipment. 100% payment for sample orders.

2. Western Union: we accept 100% payment via the western union.

3. Letter of Credit (L/C): we accept 100% L/C irrevocable at sight.

What Is the Cost of Shipping?

Shipping cost is based on the following elements:

Number of packages

Gross Weight

Package volume

Destination port

How About the Delivery Time?

Some of the products are in stock at our warehouse, generally we need 3~5 days to change the some parts before the delivery.  Regarding to the non-stock products, the lead time 7-10 days depends on your requirement on the product.

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