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Where Is The Depaneling Machine Mainly Used?
Aug 13, 2018

  In life, we have all seen circuit boards. Whether it is a mobile phone, a computer or an alarm clock, there are circuit boards for small appliances, and the circuit boards are meticulous. One point and one line control one function.

In fact, this can be cut mechanically. The professional machine for cutting circuit boards is called the knife-type depaneling machine, and there are many models and functions, such as PCB depaneling machine, circuit board cutting machine, and FPC separator machine.


   The depaneling machine is to cut a circuit board, so it is mainly used in the electronics manufacturing industry, such as mobile phone boards, memory cards, mobile phone lines, and so on.

The use of the splitter has a good cutting effect, reduces the labor intensity of the worker, and facilitates the handling of the finished product. Since the advent of the depaneling  machine, it has occupied the market with its advantages. At present, the cutting business of the company is basically completed by using the board machine.

  Some large-scale machinery is difficult to manually divide, the use of the depaneling machine, the splitter production enterprises are mainly concentrated in one strip, the price and model are many, enterprises can choose different models according to their own needs. The quality is generally good, and don’t need to be too worried.

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