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What Are The Characteristics Of The Pulse Soldering Machine?
May 21, 2018

Pulse soldering machine is used for soldering FPC, PCB, LED display, cable, terminal and other products. Hot bar soldering machine uses the pulse heating technology to operate, so the temperature control is very accurate. This makes Hot bar soldering machine often used in places where temperature is very strict. When the Hot bar soldering machine is working, multi-stage heating can be used to effectively control the machine. The temperature of the hot press can be represented by a real-time temperature curve, which is easy to understand and greatly facilitates the work of the operator.

A certain pulse voltage is applied to the thermal indenter to heat the hair and increase the temperature of the object connected to it. When the temperature rises to the melting point of the solder (that is, after it reaches a predetermined temperature), it will be connected to Tin melts between objects and connects them together. A typical pulse hot press uses closed-loop temperature control.


Pulse soldering machine features:

1. The advanced segment control temperature control system can be used to set the heating status of each segment sensitively. The parameters such as temperature and time can be controlled with high precision so as to achieve more accurate and accurate temperature control.

2. The agile and stable heating and partial instantaneous heating method can be used to excellently press the thermal influence of the surrounding components.

3. When the pressure is applied, the power-on heating and the power-off cooling are performed together to avoid floating and welding of the joint. It is most suitable for thermocompression soldering, soldering and resin bonding of flexible materials and wires.

4, show the temperature during each period for observation.

5. The closed-loop online feedback of the thermocouple controls the accuracy of the advanced temperature, and the temperature control accuracy is about 3%.

6, Soldering pressure, welding time, welding temperature can be adjusted accurately.

The pulse Hot bar soldering machine is used in the following production processes: welding between USB cable, soft cable FFC and flexible circuit board FPC or rigid circuit board PCB, and welding between TCP and circuit board PCB or flexible circuit board FPC. , between the flexible circuit board FPC and the circuit board PCB.

The pulse Hot bar soldering machine is mainly used for welding operation of devices that cannot be soldered using a normal SMT+reflow oven. However, when soldering iron is used for soldering, the appearance of the solder is inconsistent, uneven, and prone to false soldering and easily solderable products. The pulse Hot bar soldering machine is different from the constant temperature soldering iron. The pulse Hot bar soldering machine can reach the desired temperature in the instant of power-on. Once the soldering tip is not applied with voltage, it can reach room temperature in an instant; and the soldering tip is flat, so the soldered appearance Smooth and consistent, very few bad welds.

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