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What Are The Advantages Of The Milling Cutter PCB Router?
Oct 29, 2018

    What is the milling cutter PCB Router the milling cutter PCB Router is also called the curve Router, also known as the profile Router. Divided into online milling cutter and offline milling cutter

More typical

Milling Cutter Offline Router Machine


Milling Cutter Online Router Machine

Inline CW-F06-01

CWVC-F06 online milling cutter board machine-PCB Router

    1. Real-time broken knife detection, fault and working status display.

    2, patent efficient, low noise, built-in dust collection device, saving valuable production space.

    3, the full range of configuration uses high-speed CCD vision automatic correction system, greatly improving cutting accuracy and operating efficiency.

    4. The high-speed spindle is used as the cutting board of PCB, the splitting stress is small, the precision is high, and the circuit board of any shape is applicable.

    Double countertop movement, which can perform splitting and board placement at the same time, and double-sided can cut PCB boards of different shapes at the same time.

    5, table program design, CCD Teach In program design, program design is intuitive and simple; graphical display, setting when the cutting state is finished.

    6. Improve work efficiency; when the board to be cut is too large, it can be combined into a workbench.

    7. The upper ion fan prevents the dust from being attracted by the static electricity.

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