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Vietnamese Guests Come To Visit Our Factory
Apr 06, 2018

On April 6, 2018, our company ushered a group of Vietnamese guests. Three guests made a special trip from Vietnam to visit and exchange with us. In our exhibition room, guests took a look at various types of PCB soldering machines, PCB separator and other SMT line machines. We have a detailed comparison of our machine with the machines on the market today.  Obviously our machines are faster than the ordinary soldering machines and PCB Separator on the market.  The appearance is compact and beautiful, and the operation is simple and convenient. It is indeed a precious equipment. Being able to get such approval from foreign friends in the country really makes us happy because our recognition of us is the best compliment to us. Being able to satisfy customers is the greatest motivation for our work.



Later, accompanied by our staff, foreign friends also visited our production workshop and conducted a series of related discussions in the office and ended the visit.


The guests expressed appreciation for the company's emphasis on product performance and operating experience. They expressed their recognition of the company's after-sales team's good service attitude and expressed admiration for the company's efforts to solve problems and solve problems with customers through friendly communication.


We are very impressed with this customer's recognition and appreciation of us. We have expressed our intention to make every effort to put in place the valuable opinions and suggestions put forward by the guests during the visit. In order to thank the guests for their love and support, SMTfly Electronic Equipment Manufactory will continue to strive to provide better products for everyone, and will further strengthen the friendly cooperation with customers, mutual benefit, mutual benefit and win-win development.

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