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UV Laser Depaneling Machine For PCB Panels-PCB Separator Solutions
Nov 09, 2018

There is a saying in the industry: what kind of height the laser industry can develop depends largely on the level of development of the laser. Undoubtedly, since 2010, the development of fiber lasers has attracted much attention, and the limelight has overshadowed the performance of other laser products. However, we should not ignore the development achievements of some departments. There are some technologies and processes that seem to be unpopular. It is difficult to say whether the next year will become a hot spot, and the market is waiting for an opportunity, a point of explosion in application demand. Technological innovation is often a systematic, disruptive process, not a partial individual, such as electric locomotives replacing steam heads. The same is true of laser processing instead of traditional processing.


The development of lasers is not only a fiber laser. In 2016, UV lasers also achieved remarkable growth. The total shipments of solid-state UV lasers in the country two or three years ago were only about 3,000 units, but in 2016, they soared to 10,000 units. The phenomenon of out-of-stocks in the industry, "Luoyang paper expensive" for a time, and the ultraviolet laser suppliers are smiling, and the shipments and performance have also grown.


Ultraviolet laser

At present, solid-state ultraviolet lasers for industrial use generally refer to nanosecond-order lasers that output ultraviolet light. Diode-pumped all-solid-state ultraviolet lasers have high efficiency, high repetition rate, reliable performance, small size, good beam quality, and stable power. Features. Since the ultraviolet photon energy is large, it is difficult to generate a certain high-power continuous ultraviolet laser by external excitation source, so the realization of the ultraviolet continuous wave laser is generally generated by applying a nonlinear effect frequency conversion method of the crystal material. There are generally two methods for generating all-solid-state ultraviolet laser lines. One is to directly obtain an ultraviolet laser line by intra- or extra-cavity 3 times or 4 times for an infrared all-solid-state laser. The second is to obtain a frequency-doubled technique. The second harmonic then uses the sum frequency technique to obtain the ultraviolet laser line. The former method has a small effective nonlinear coefficient and a low conversion efficiency. The latter method utilizes a quadratic nonlinear polarizability, and the conversion efficiency is much higher than the former one. The crystal multiplier can realize a continuous ultraviolet laser whose beam shape is Gaussian, so the spot is round and the energy gradually decreases from the center to the edge. Due to short wavelengths and beam quality limitations, the beam can be focused on the order of 10 micro millimeters.


Ultraviolet lasers can be used for marking electronic products, white goods, electrical housing markings, flying marks for food and pharmaceutical production dates. In addition, it can also be used in some fine processing fields, including FPCB/PCB laser cutting and dividing, ceramic punching and dicing, glass/sapphire/wafer cutting, fine drilling, scribing, cutting and other fields. In 2016, these applications have seen good market demand, and UV lasers have replaced some traditional YAG lasers and CO2 laser applications.


The domestic domestic enterprises engaged in the production of ultraviolet lasers mainly include Wuhan Huari Laser, Suzhou Yinggu Laser, Beilin Laser, Shenzhen Ruifengheng Technology, Yingnuo Laser, Changchun New Industry, Beijing Daozhong Laser, Zhongke Ziyu and so on. These are all stable and stable technology companies, especially in the UV laser product line, so when the market demand shows explosive growth, there is a shortage of goods. This is only temporary, and the market will be able to meet the market as the supplier's capacity increases. This wave of demand is obvious to these companies. For example, Huari Laser's performance in 2015 was only tens of millions, but in 2016 it has more than doubled, and other companies have also benefited.


Imported laser brands: Germany TRUMPF, American Spectral Physics, American Lightwave, American Coherence, US Pu'ai, etc.


In 2018, the demand for UV lasers continues to grow, and conservative shipments are expected to approach 20,000 units by the end of the year.


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