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The Technologies Empowering Industry 4.0
Mar 27, 2018

As one of the largest manufacturers of SMT Machine in China, we take our role in the industry very seriously. The brands we work with expect us to be on top of the latest technologies and trends and right now they are asking us about our industry 4.0 in terms of our Smart Factory journey. But for us it’s not just about leading from the front, it’s about taking those enabling technologies, exploring what they can do throughout the whole product lifecycle, and ensuring they can be used reliably on an industrial scale.

There is a group of exciting technologies that are likely to have a real impact on manufacturing in the coming years. Some will help us achieve the objectives of the forth industrial revolution, others could fundamentally impact upon the way products are discovered, developed, designed and delivered. Choosing the right technologies to use is no simple task, especially when you consider the mission critical nature of many of the products we produce. Engineering rigor plays a huge part in selecting which processes will find its way into our factories. We have more than fourteen years of manufacturing experience and have learned that there is more to applying a new technology than simply buying the latest equipment. Our teams work hard to ensure the techniques we use are repeatable, reliable and robust. We don’t use technology for its own sake, we need to be sure it adds value for us and for our clients.

Our commitment to the digital thread throughout our business has already reaped benefits for our customers and we are able to share technology advances and support them as their industries change radically. Retail, Healthcare, Automotive, Apparel and just about every other industry is changing in ways never imagined, both in the products delivered and in how they are realized. We are committed to helping those industries find the best solutions from ideation to delivered solution by being the smartest partner in the industry.

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