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The Scope Of Application Of The Pcb Depaneling Router Machine
Mar 13, 2018

V-CUT S.M.T, PCB board, aluminum substrate can be selected for the machine.

Milling cutter distributor characteristics:

Stable operation mechanism, to prevent improper force caused by PCB tin solder joints, pavement, etc. the electrical circuit board failure to reduce stress, prevent the solder joint cracking design special circular knife material, to ensure the smooth surface of the PCB segmentation of cutting distance touch type five adjustments, can quickly replace the different size of PCB with high frequency eye lighting device to enhance the operation of personnel quality to strengthen the safety device, to avoid human error damage.

Milling cutter distributor product features:

Special stamp orifice plate, do not hurt PCB

* cutting plate length optional 100200300400

* according to the plate thickness, the cutting speed can be selected and the speed can be customized according to the manufacturer's demand.

* milling cutter separator can be adjusted according to the thickness of the plate and the height of the upper tool for better and precise cutting. It can cut the thickness of 0.2-3.2mm, the residual thickness of the standard V slot is 1/3 *, the conveyor belt can be additionally configured, the PCB plate can be cut out, and the cutter location can be automatically sent out.

* the safety protection device can be configured, and if the body or object enters the cutter area, it will automatically alarm.

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