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The Performance And Principle Introduction Of FPC Laser Cutting Machine
Aug 07, 2018

   As we all know, the laser generator is the core component of an FPC laser cutting machine, just like the engine of a car, the host of a computer.

   It plays a vital role. For the installation and commissioning, the laser generator of the general FPC laser cutting machine manufacturer is debugged before leaving the factory, and the customer basically does not move the laser generator for no reason. But knowing the necessary laser knowledge will bring you a lot of convenience in the process of use. The following National Lightspeed Laser will introduce you how to debug the generator of FPC laser cutting machine.


   Laser interferometer position accuracy detection and automatic compensation can detect CNC machine positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy, micro-displacement accuracy, etc.; machine tool vibration test and analysis (FFT), ball screw dynamic characteristics analysis, servo drive system response Characteristic analysis, dynamic characteristics of the guide rail (low speed crawling) analysis, etc. Geometric accuracy detection can be used to detect straightness, verticality, pitch and yaw, flatness, parallelism, and more. The laser interferometer can simultaneously measure linear positioning error, straightness error (two axes), yaw angle, pitch angle and roll angle, as well as measuring parameters such as speed, acceleration and vibration, and evaluate the dynamic characteristics of the machine. [UV laser cutting machine]


   In general, FPC laser cutting machines are high-precision equipment, in which lasers are core components and require special protection. In the process of debugging

If you do not follow the prescribed procedures, it will cause certain harm. Therefore, do not touch any part of the fiber laser during the operation of the device. Such as fiber collimators. In addition, please pay attention to the protection of related spare parts, such as cameras, photomultiplier tubes, photodiodes,

They are easily damaged when exposed to the outside.


  FPC laser cutting machine is a new type of cutting machine equipment in the world. Our company is a professional FPC laser cutting machine manufacturer, and one of the earliest large-scale production enterprises in China to produce and develop FPC laser cutting machine. The device uses a laser beam capable of outputting a light velocity density. As long as the laser beam is collected on the surface of the workpiece, the materialization and gasification of the device can be realized in an instant, thereby realizing automatic cutting. Compared with the gas laser and solid-state laser machine that we have been using before, the FPC laser cutting machine has its own obvious advantages. At present, the FPC laser cutting machine has gradually developed into high-precision laser processing, laser radar system, space technology, laser. Important candidates in the field of medicine and other fields. [FPC laser cutting processing]

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