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The Eight Advantages Of The Pcb Separator Machine
Mar 13, 2018

1, KL-3500 full automatic curve board machine adopts a double working table, without interruption to the PCB board, greatly improving the production efficiency.

2, through visual location, the HD camera is controlled by industrial computer to locate sub points through mark point positioning. The accuracy of the board is as high as 0.02mm, and the PCB board can be automatically corrected as long as it is biased in 2mm.

3, adopt the way of collecting dust under the dust and equipped with the 5000W high power dust collecting box to prevent dust from affecting the normal operation of the machine. The interior of the collecting box adopts noise reduction configuration to make the noise and voice smaller.

4, high performance hardware configuration, greatly prolonging the life of the milling cutter.

5, in similar products being sub board machine chassis is relatively heavy, the weight of the 800kg to ensure that when the board, the machine will not shake, greatly improve the board precision.

6, configuring high precision CCD magnifying lens, auxiliary programming and editing function, easy to operate and easy to handle.

7, being PCB sub board machine of high precision and no stress, to avoid the artificial damage of folded plate PCB plate.

8. Can carry on the curve, the circle, the oblique line, the straight line split plate

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