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The Development Trend Of Aluminum Board Cutting Machine
Apr 19, 2018


1. Improve the substrate material. In the current stage, the main material of LED aluminum substrate separator is composed of aluminum foil plus copper foil and thermal insulation layer. In the future development process, it is widely applied to various lighting accessories, circuit components and products with higher density circuits.Be responsible for stopping the transformation of today's materials, making it faster to dissipate heat and lower thermal resistance. These innovations are an important goal for the transformation of traditional LED aluminum substrates, as long as the scope of application of such products is becoming increasingly common.

2. Recycling of the product material makes it more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. At present, to achieve such a level is still difficult, but at present related to the scarcity of resources, can make the product twice, three times or even after repeated recycling can be re-applied, on the product transformation is no different from the great progress.

3. To provide more personalized, diversified products, only in this way can meet the needs of more LED lamps. Aluminum substrates have been developed from the original heat sink products to a wider and wider market. As usual, in various LED industry products, aluminum substrate cutting machine can be seen at any time, which has become an indispensable product in lighting accessories. Nowadays, all kinds of lighting accessories are continuously improved. In order to better comply with the development of lighting accessories, the types of aluminum substrates need more development. Only in this way can we keep up with the constant improvement of lighting accessories.

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