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The Comparison Of Routing Machine And PCB Laser Depaneling Machine
Jun 16, 2018


Features of PCB Laser Depaneling Machine:

· Pre-camera vision product position registration and model check

· Coherent Avia NX UV laser with HurrySCAN head

· High capacity BOFA dust collector

· User friendly Window based software

· PCB flexible product jig adjustable for different board size

· High resolution and accurate Z stage with auto-focus function

· Large area low friction front loading platform for sliding multiple product jigs

· Fully covered class 1 safety enclosure

· Able to do cutting and marking together

· Compact size

Advantages of PCB Laser Depaneling Machine:

1.High precision CCD automatic positioning, automatic focusing. Fast and accurate positioning, save time and no worries.

2.Friendly interface,Simple operation, easy to use, free application; Small size, Save more space; rigorous security design;

3.Reduce energy consumption, Cost savings.

Cost-effective, fast cutting speed, stable performance

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Features of PCB Routing Machine:

1. Manual loading/unloading processing

2. 2-way sliding working exchanger to limit the idle time and simultaneously loading and unloading to reaches the utmost output value.

3. Friendly touch panel with 10X CCD camera to minimize the time of programming

4. Auto fiducial mark point check and cutting route auto compensation to ensure the cutting accuracy

5. Auto router bit check to prevent the bit break incomplete cutting.

Advantages  of PCB Routing Machine :

· Solution for stress free depanelization

· Fixture-based highly efficient dust vacuum system

· Clean and precise depanelization for densely populated PCBs

· Advanced image-processing software offers point-and-click operation for programming router paths

· Automatic alignment compensation by CCD camera

· User-friendly operation

· Extended bit life by automatic router bit depth adjustment

· Improved tact time

· Low maintenance required

· Reasonable price

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