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The Classification Of The PCB Separator And Its Effect On The Product
Mar 13, 2018

1, manual PCB machine also called alias substrate PCB and manual machine, manual type PCBPCB sub machine, manual V PCB slot machine.

2, full automatic PCB machine is mainly rely on the power driven, are suitable for cutting aluminum plate, are suitable for cutting of the PCB board for version even stamp hole bridge, also has the version for V-CUT, including the nickname PCB stamp hole curve machine, PCB milling machine, PCB program the trigger for V-CUT points, including aluminum plate PCB machine, PCB machine tool etc.

3, side PCB machine also called pneumatic type PCB machine, without any manual operation can be completed without shear stress in continuous operation, suitable for segmentation of SMD plate and plate, plate cutting stroke is about 2MM, so there is no security risks.

4, PCB light machine, to have V-cut groove strip PCB machine, on the light LED board is faster than manual cutting, cutting, and poor rate is greatly reduced, at the time of cutting, plate knife back and forth segmentation.

5, stamping PCB board machine, also called the FPCPCB board machine, mainly the cylinder output, in the process of division operation, the lower die adopts automatic push and pull.

6, take the knife type PCB machine, as the name implies in knife does not move, move up and down through the circular knife to split the pcb.

7, PCB curve machine, milling machine is also called PCB, full automatic PCB machine, PCB machine program, stamp hole PCB machine, mainly rely on computer programming control of spindle cutter, through CCD positioning for precision plate, mainly for the PCB stamp hole, bridge plate. The plate stress is very small, and the PCB board with high quality can be obtained.

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