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Technical Features Of Aoi Optical Detector Equipment
Jun 30, 2018

Whether it is online aoi optical detector or offline optical detector, it shows the following characteristics in terms of technology:


1). System's rapid detection capability: We know that high-speed placement machines generally have a patch speed of 0.2 sec/chip (sec/chip), and our aoi optical detector has a detection speed of 0.2 sec/fov (fov = 16mm × 20mm); basic and PCB board components do not have a direct relationship between the density of posts, or that the greater the density of the board to detect the relative speed is higher.


2). High-speed and convenient programming system: a. Graphical interface under the windows_xp screen for programming; b. Support a variety of common formats to import data including CAD, Excel, Txt, etc.; c. Use the perfect IPC standard original component library for rapid editing; d. Support placement data for automatic data detection;


3). The use of a wealth of special-purpose multi-purpose detection algorithms for detection include: feature vector analysis and location method, full-color image analysis (color extraction, similarity analysis, image comparison, etc.) and statistical modeling;


4). Check the position of the aoi optical detector by graphically indicating the position of the bad solder joint on the operation display, or directly marking it on the PCB with an oily pen (label);


5). Built-in high-precision optical calibrating ruler, full-color identification of component color changes, circuit board bending automatically compensated; can effectively detect pcb board delamination / blistering, exposed copper or gold pad black pad (Black Pad);


6). Perfect NAS backup system to ensure the security of programming data and test data.

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