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SMT Production And Application
May 04, 2018

SMT is an acronym for Surface Mount Technology, translated into Surface Mount Technology. The United States is the invention of SMT. Since 1963, when the world launched the first surface-mount device and Philips launched the first surface-mount integrated circuit, SMT has been mainly used in military, aerospace, aerospace and other advanced applications. Products and investment products are increasingly widely used in computers, communications, military, industrial automation, consumer electronics and other industries. SMT is developing very fast. Into the 80's SMT technology has become the world's hottest new generation of electronic assembly technology, known as a revolution in electronic assembly technology.

SMT application:

  SMT is closely related to our daily life. We use computers, mobile phones, BP machines, printers, photocopiers, PDAs, fast translations, electronic notebooks, DVDs, VCDs, CDs, Walkmans, camcorders, fax machines, microwave ovens, etc. High-definition TVs, electronic cameras, and IC cards, as well as many high-tech control systems with high degree of integration, small size, and strong functions, are manufactured using SMT. It can be said that without SMT as a basis, it is hard to imagine We can use these products to make life more productive.

SMT features:

  The use of SMT enables higher packing density, smaller electronic product volume, lighter weight, higher reliability, enhanced earthquake resistance, high frequency characteristics, ease of automation, improved production efficiency, and reduced production costs. In general, the adoption of SMT's product volume is reduced by 40% to 60%, and the weight is reduced by 60% to 80%.

  SMT composition:

  Mainly by the surface mount components (SMD), placement technology, placement equipment three sectors.

  Among them SMD includes:

    1. Manufacturing technology: Refers to the printing, heating, correction, welding, molding, etc. of conductive materials in the SMD production process.

    2. Product design: design and delineation of dimensional accuracy, electrode tip structure/shape, and heat resistance in design.

3. Package design: refers to tapes, trays or other forms of packaging suitable for automatic placement.

About mounting technology includes:

  1. Assembly process type:

    Single-sided/double-sided surface mount, single-sided mixed mount, double-sided mixed mount.

  2. Classification of welding methods:

    Wave soldering - choose welding machine, patch glue, flux, solder and patch coating technology.

    Reflow welding - heating methods are infrared, infrared heating wind combination, VPS, hot plate, laser and so on.

  3. Printed circuit board:

    Substrate material - glass fiber, ceramic, metal plate.

    Circuit board design - graphics design, wiring, gap setting, imposition, SDM pad design and layout, placement series of equipment mainly include: electric plastic machine, screen printing machine, chip mounter, reflow oven, automatic detection equipment and maintenance equipment and so on.

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