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SMT Industry Is The Industry With The Largest Demand For Dispensing Machines
Apr 20, 2018

Dispensing machines were first born due to the SMT industry. The SMT industry is also the industry with the highest demand for dispensing machines. The use of SMT products for dispensing is 50 percent of the annual sales of dispensing machines.


When using SMT adhesive, note the following points:

(1) Patch adhesive storage

The purchased SMT adhesive should be stored at low temperature (0°C) and be registered. Pay attention to the production date and service life (a large number of incoming goods should be qualified for inspection).


(2) Use of patch glue

When using, pay attention to the model and viscosity of the glue. According to the requirements of the current product and recover it at room temperature for about 1 hour (about 4 hours for large packages), you can use it. When you use it, pay attention to tracking the first product and observe the new one. All aspects of the performance of patch glue. Need to use separate clean injection tube; filling not too full (2/3 volume) and bubble removal.


Do not mix different models and different manufacturers' glues. When replacing the products, all tools that come in contact with the glue should be thoroughly cleaned. When using, pay attention to the inspection of the diameter of the glue, which can generally be higher at the edge of the PCB process. 2 test glue points, if necessary, can enter 0805 components, often observe the changes in the diameter of the glue before and after curing, the quality of the use of the patch glue truly knows.


The PCB with good adhesive should be patched and cured immediately. In special circumstances, dispensing should be suspended to prevent the PCB glue spots from absorbing water vapor and dust in the air, resulting in a drop in the quality of the patch.


(3) Cleaning

In the production, especially after replacing the rubber seed or using it for a long time, tools such as the syringe should be cleaned. In particular, the needle tip m should usually be classified and handled as small needle articles, and the metal needle should be soaked in the wide mouth bottle. Put a special cleaning solution (provided by the supplier) or acetone, toluene and its compounds in the bottle, constantly sway, have a good cleaning ability. Syringe can also be soaked with a brush to wash in time, with compressed air, no fiber The paper cloth is clean. Absolute ethanol also has good cleaning ability for uncured glue, and it has no pollution to the environment.


(4) Repair

For components requiring rework (solidified), the heat gun can be used to evenly heat the components. For example, the components are soldered, the temperature is increased, the solder joints can be melted, and the components are removed in time using a tweezers. The large-scale IC requires a service station to heat the components. After removing the components, it is still necessary to remove the adhesive with a small knife with the help of a hot air gun. Do not damage the PCB silver strip. If necessary, re-seal the glue and partially cure it with a hot air gun (heating temperature and time should be guaranteed).


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