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SMT Development Prospect
Apr 09, 2018

1. High-precision printing, the first round of good SMT production

SMT printing is the first process of a surface mount production line, and the quality of the product has an extremely significant impact on the qualification rate of SMT products. An important factor influencing the quality of solder paste printing is the accuracy of the motion control of various parts of the printing machine. At present, the production of SMT products is developing toward high output rates and “zero defects”. In production, printing machines need to be stable and uninterrupted for a long time. High-speed operation, which puts high demands on the operating speed, stability, and reliability of its motion control system. Great number of printing and assembly manufacturers are constantly challenging the limits of quality and production efficiency.


2. Focus on full SMT production and SMT pick and place machines have high performance, high efficiency and high integration.

Pick and place machine is a kind of equipment used to achieve high-speed, high-precision, fully automatic placement of components, related to the SMT production line efficiency and accuracy, which is the most critical, technical and stable equipment of the SMT production line.  Its development trend can be summed up as “three highs and four types”, namely, high performance, high efficiency, high integration, flexibility, intelligence, greenization, and diversification.


Specifically, SMT pick and place machines have evolved from 3 generations, which is from early low speed (1-1.5 seconds/piece) and low precision (mechanical alignment) to high speed (0.08 second/piece) and high precision (optical Alignment, placement accuracy ± 60um/4q) automatic placement machine. The first-generation pick and place machine does not have a visual recognition device, a precision servo system, an automatic feeding plate, and an automatic nozzle change function, but only a stepped multi-axis system with a low accuracy; the second generation chip mounter has a visual recognition function and mounting head is also expanded from 2 to more, XY axis system can also be imported with automatic transmission and import servo technology;the third generation of chip mounter has a higher level of promotion, such as device identification and placement optimization. The height of Z axis with precise servo technology can detect the thickness of ICs. The third-generation pick and place machine is actually a precise industrial robot. It is an high-tech equipment consisting of computer, optics, precision machinery, and ball screw. , Linear Guides, Linear Motors, Harmonic Drives, and Vacuum Systems and Various Sensors.

With the miniaturization and high functionality of various electronic devices, the demand for higher density and complications in the form of mounting has been higher than ever. In particular, the requirements for the hybrid mounting of SMDs and semiconductors are increasing.  To promote the reduction of production costs and delivery time, SMTfly have manufactured the machines which are meet the requirement of today’s market.

3. Integrating high quality and greenization, SMT reflow soldering machines pay more attention to energy saving and environmental protection.

SMT reflow soldering is a method of soldering by re-melting the pre-placed solder surface to create solder joints and no additional solder material is added during the soldering process. After heating the air or nitrogen to a sufficiently high temperature,they are blown to mounted circuit board through the heating circuit inside the device. It has become the mainstream process of SMT,  and most of the components on the board are soldered to the board through this process.

However, due to the deteriorating air quality, the environmental protection of SMT soldering equipment has been increasingly taken seriously. SMT equipment in SMTfly Electronic Equipment Manufactory have Vision XP+Vac soldering system, which adopts the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection.In the R&D process, we attach particular importance to factors such as high energy efficiency, low emissions, and minimum cost.  It is an energy-efficient and energy-saving assistant.he system is equipped with a new vacuum module unit, which can realize vacuum reflow soldering in one step. It directly and effectively solves the problems of voids after soldering (when the solder is in the best melting state): 2 mbar vacuum can reduce the void ratio to 2% or less. The Vision XP+Vac vacuum cell module is a detachable design and therefore can also be used in non-vacuum reflow soldering processes to flexibly match different production requirements.

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