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Silicone Dispenser Plays An Important Role In The Field Of Microelectronic Packaging-Glue Dispensing Machine
Nov 09, 2018


What is microelectronic packaging technology?


Microelectronic packaging technology is an evolution of the dispensing method in the electronics industry, mainly from manual dispensing to silicone dispensing, semi-automatic dispensing mode to the evolution of fully automatic silicone dispensing mode! Silicone dispensing machine plays in the microelectronic packaging industry More and more important roles!


Why use a silicone dispenser for microelectronic packaging?


Silicone dispensers play an important role in the field of microelectronic packaging!


Semi-automatic dispensers can no longer meet the packaging requirements of the current electronics industry. The accuracy and speed requirements of dispensing machines in the electronics industry are getting higher and higher. The dispensing accuracy of semi-automatic dispensers cannot reach 0.01mm. The machine can meet the dispensing accuracy requirements of these industries.


Which industries can silicone dispensers be used in?


1. Mainly applicable to pvc soft rubber, microelectronic package of silicone series products, the types of products that can be used are: mobile phone case, mobile phone pendant, mobile phone holder, anti-static wrist strap, anti-static wristband, TV casing, etc. .


2. In addition to microelectronic packaging, the silicone dispensing machine can be applied to the household appliance industry, clothing industry, toy industry, service industry, furniture industry, gift industry and so on.


Due to its high precision and high speed, the silicone dispenser has become the first choice for the microelectronics packaging industry. It not only meets the continuous work on the production line, but also enables fast loading and unloading. The silicone dispenser makes Industrial production is more efficient and precise!

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