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Secret: Where Will The Future Dispensing Machine Market Be?
Jun 19, 2018

The universal application of dispensing machines has become an important development plan in the national development plan. The dispensing machine is regarded as a key support technology because it involves national security, national defense construction, industrialization of high and new technology, and development of technological frontiers. This places the dispenser up to a very high level of attention and it will surely give glue. Machine manufacturing and upgrading bring great business opportunities. In the application of equipment, the downstream industry of the dispenser has replaced manual operation, which not only improves work efficiency but also improves the quality of the product.



The field of application of dispensing machines is also constantly expanding and extending, it can be said that almost glue-related industries can be applied to dispensing equipment, wait until the industry needs to replace the manual operation, improve product quality levels, it will begin The introduction of dispensing, filling equipment, a new high demand for dispensing machines will come.

First, the dispensing machine industry: It is expected that as the country's investment in railways, highways, airports, docks and urban public infrastructure projects will be strengthened, the domestic market will improve the market demand for engineering dispensing machines. Although the increase in corporate production this year will be lower than last year, the annual engineering dispensing machine industry will maintain a modest growth.


Second, instrumentation industry: From the current development prospects of major instrument products, the market demand for investment instruments is expected to be improved, driven by the reform of the housing system, it is expected that the demand for various water meters and meters will gradually stabilize, optical instruments and Consumer instruments will be able to continue to maintain the current growth trend, and annual production growth will be around 5%.


The market demand for dispensers is constantly increasing, and the industrial industries that can be applied are constantly increasing. From the current overall situation of the development of the national economy and the growth potential of the dispensing machine industry, the development of the dispensing machine industry faces challenges. There are many opportunities.

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