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Screw Tightening Machine Maintenance And Maintenance
Mar 13, 2018

1, check the screw has no foreign body in between, wear, mixing, flower and so on shortcomings, will cause the phenomenon of clamping material;

2, try to avoid the position of the screw position shades, irregular surface roughness, burr etc.;

3, the use of the screws should be common, rules, standards, a large number of, in order to improve the efficiency of locking screws;

4, the fixture used in the product should be unified.

Routine maintenance techniques:

1. It is not suitable for wet environment. It should be kept ventilated, dry and dustless.

2, every day to clean the screw machine feeder, to ensure clean no foreign objects and dust, open air gun clean, no pressure is too large.

3. Clean the nail delivery system every day to ensure the smooth running of the nail delivery system. It is recommended to add some grease to the exercise part regularly.

4, once a month to clean the screw guide rail, regular refueling, to ensure that the screw guide rail smooth and free.

5, regular inspection of electrical batch, cylinder wear, not smooth, timely refueling maintenance.

6, carry on the electrical ventilation, check the performance.

7, clean the outer surface of the chassis every day, and do a good job of 5S.

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