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Preparation And Maintenance Of The Pick And Place Machine Before Use
Mar 13, 2018

The patch machine is the core equipment in the SMT production, and it is still necessary to understand the preparation of the sticker in the operation.

1, prepare relevant product process documents.

2, according to the list of installed material paste products technical documents (PCB, components), and check.

3, the PCB, which has been opened, is cleaned and baked in accordance with the length of the opening time and whether it is affected by moisture or pollution.

4. After Kaifeng, the components are checked, and the components are handled according to the requirements of the SMT process components management.

5, select the fash feeder according to the specifications and types of the components, and correctly install the components with the feeder. At the time of loading, the center of the component must be placed at the center of the pickup of the feeder.

6. Equipment status check:

(1) the pressure of air compressor should be checked to meet the requirements of the equipment, which is generally 6kgjf/cm2 to 7kgf/cm2.

(2) check and ensure that the guide rail, the moving range of the mounting head, the automatic replacement of the rim of the suction nozzle, and there is no obstacle on the tray rack.

After using the LED patch machine, we need to do a good job of maintaining the LED patch machine, so we need to do a regular check.

Every week, check the buffer action of the LED nozzle placement machine on the basis of checking the suction nozzle fixture on time. The action of the buffer is not smooth. It is advisable to apply a thin layer of lubricant. If the clamp is loose, fasten the mobile lens and clean the dust and residue on the lens. It is also necessary to check the shafts or remnants of the screw screw on the X (W) axis screw, and if there is a need to clean them. It is also to check the X (Y) axis guide to check the grease for hardening and residue adhesion. Finally, look at the Y axle screw to check the crumbs or remnants of the screw. If this is the case, you have to clean it up.

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