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Is There A PCB Separator Machine Suitable For All Kinds Of PCB Panels?
Oct 25, 2018

Is there a PCB Separator Machine suitable for all kinds of PCB Panels?


Everyone knows that the PCB Depanelizer machine is generally a PCB cutting machine, which is the circuit board cutting machine that people usually use. With the continuous improvement of product quality requirements and the development of social science and technology development, some automation equipment manufacturers have developed many different types of separation to meet the needs of different electronic product manufacturers for circuit board separation.Because the types of PCB Separator machines are different, their respective advantages and disadvantages are also different. Today, SMTfly will share with you the types of cutting machines that are popular in the market and their respective advantages and disadvantages. PCB boards are different, each customer does not have the same product, and the type of PCB board is different. Therefore, it is better to use different cutting machines for different PCB boards. The answer is no.


1. The relatively small, relatively thin, relatively simple PCB board, it is recommended to use a V-cut PCB Separator to cut.

The PCB Separator adopts the latest gas-electric lightweight design to complete the shear-free shearing stroke at one time, especially suitable for cutting precision SMD or thin plate; the bow wave (BOW WAVES) and micro generated when there is no round knife type The MICRO CRACK uses a wedge-shaped tool to minimize the shear stress, so that sensitive SMD components and even capacitors are unaffected and the potential quality risk of the product is minimized.


2. There is a PCB board with components,components are not very high, the board is not large, you can use the PCB V-cut Separator machine like this as below:


The PCB V-cut Separator machine is very strong. After connecting multiple plates to the solder, it will often damage the line or break the electronic parts when broken. This machine can be divided by the knife to completely reduce stress and prevent solder joints. Cracking and part breakage,improve production efficiency and quality; adopt the upper knife under the flat knife method, the plate is on the lower flat knife, the switch is stepped on, and the upper round knife moves laterally to the set fixed point, that is, the PCB board is cut and divided, cut off No peeling, the cut is flat, no burrs. A conveyor platform can also be added to facilitate the automatic delivery of the cut PCB board.


3. For those irregular PCB board, stamp plate, even point board, you can use the milling cutter PCB separation machine.


This kind of cutting machine mainly uses the high-speed operation of the milling cutter to divide the multi-piece PCB according to the pre-programmed path, instead of the manual breaking or V-CUT or PUSH cutting boring, the cutting precision is high and accurate, and the service life is long. Good cutting quality, no dust, no burrs, low stress, safe and simple, improve product quality and reduce scrap rate. Mainly used to divide irregular PCB boards, stamp plates, and even points. The cutting stress is smaller, about 1/10 of the stamping type and 1/100 of the handcuff, thereby preventing the chip such as ceramic capacitor from being damaged during the cutting process; avoiding problems such as cracking of the tin and damage of the component caused by the artificial folding plate.

In short, no single cutting machine can perfectly cut all types of PCB boards. It is best to choose different boards cutting machines for the characteristics of the PCB boards. Most of today's electronics manufacturing companies have used PCB separation to replace traditional manual folding panels to improve product quality. In summary, we have listed several popular separation on the market and their respective advantages and disadvantages, hoping to help those in need.

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