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PCB Separator Equipments,Printed Circuit Boards PCBAs Cutting Machine
Dec 15, 2018

The Automatic PCB Separation Machine from SMTfly is a device that divides the multi-piece PCB boards into pre-edited paths by using a high-speed milling cutter. Instead of manual breaking, V-CUT or PUSH cutting shortage,improve product quality, reduce scrap rate, and work on two PCBs

The unloading device can effectively reduce the waiting time of the machine, thereby achieving the desired production efficiency. The The Automatic PCB Separation Machine from SMTfly has the special advantage of being suitable for stamp hole connection and irregular rigid PCB board segmentation. It is recommended that if the number of PCB boards is large, it is irregular rigidity.

PCB connection points or connecting lines, using The Automatic PCB Separation Machine from SMTfly can increase your automation, save labor, improve efficiency, further improve product quality, and highlight your equipment strength.


The advantages of the Automatic PCB Separation Machine from Chuangwei are reflected in:

Make up for the shortcomings of the walking plate type V-cut PCB Separator

2. Any curve shape PCB can be machined by simple programming.

3. With a unique shaft system, it can quickly select acceleration and deceleration to improve work efficiency.

4. Continuous cutting in the work, using two platforms to slide and exchange processing to place the PCB substrate, reducing waiting time and increasing production.

5. Work efficiency can be increased to 100MM/S-500MM/S.

6. There is a dust suction device, which can absorb the PCB powder produced by the processing, effectively preventing dust and harmful substances from entering the core position of the machine and impairing the operation of the dividing machine. The vacuum cleaner made by high-power imported fan and the 10V high-voltage static elimination device have better vacuuming effect and less noise.

7. High quality hardware configuration improves its overall performance.


What are the advantages of the milling cutter PCB Router?

What is the milling cutter PCB Router the milling cutter PCB Router is also called the curve Router, also known as the profile Router. Divided into online milling cutter and offline milling cutter

More typical

Milling cutter offline router machine

Milling cutter online router machine

CWVC-F03 online milling cutter board machine-PCB Router

1. Real-time broken knife detection, fault and working status display.

2, patent efficient, low noise, built-in dust collection device, saving valuable production space.

3, the full range of configuration uses high-speed CCD vision automatic correction system, greatly improving cutting accuracy and operating efficiency.

4. The high-speed spindle is used as the cutting board of PCB, the splitting stress is small, the precision is high, and the circuit board of any shape is applicable.

Double countertop movement, which can perform splitting and board placement at the same time, and double-sided can cut PCB boards of different shapes at the same time.

5, table program design, CCD Teach In program design, program design is intuitive and simple; graphical display, setting when the cutting state is finished.

6. Improve work efficiency; when the board to be cut is too large, it can be combined into a workbench.

7. The upper ion fan prevents the dust from being attracted by the static electricity.

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