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Nov 09, 2018

 There are still many industry people on the board machine who are not clearing his detailed introduction. The board machine, also known as the drop machine, the brick machine, the stacking machine, the riser, the palletizer. The automatic upper plate machine adopts mechanical design, which is easy to operate and maintain, without operation and computer automatic control.

The automatic upper plate machine is composed of frame, lifting plate system, push plate system, deviation adjustment system, idler, positioning frame and control system.

The advantage of the automatic upper plate machine is that it does not need special equipment foundation, and it can be used together with the plate feeder when placed on the hardened flat ground, which reduces the labor intensity of the operators, improves the work efficiency, saves labor and reduces the production cost; The mobile cable and electrical components ensure the personal safety of the operator; the overall equipment has the characteristics of simple and reasonable structure, flexible operation, reliable performance and wide application range.

When the block is produced, it usually takes more than ten seconds to use a pallet. The more common method is to manually put the pallet into the pallet of the feeder, and then send the pallet to the blocker intermittently by the feeder. in. Since the weight of each pallet of the large and medium-sized block machine has reached several tens of kilograms, the manual upper board has a labor intensity, and the automatic block boarding machine is a special equipment instead of manually completing the upper board work.

The upper board machine is a new generation of non-burning brick machine companion standard equipment. It has been put into market operation, and the customer response effect is remarkable. It is an indispensable brick machine standardization supporting equipment for brick factories all over the country.

1. The machine only needs to put 20-30 pallets stacked on each other with forklifts and hydraulic transfer vehicles on the upper rack, so that the machine can automatically complete the whole process of feeding, raising and sending boards. Automatic operation, saving effort and effort;

2. Free-burning brick machine companion - fully automatic board machine can be completely operated without special personnel. In the case of increasing labor costs, it saves 1-2 staff expenses in the factory, so it has high economic benefits.

3. The upper plate is easy to install, either on the side of the machine or on the rear. There is no need to make a separate foundation, no need to lay the embedded parts, and it can be installed in the existing cement floor for half a day.


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