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What Is The Characteristic Of The V-CUT PCB Depaneling Board Machine?
Nov 20, 2018

What is the characteristic of the V-CUT board machine?

V-CUT is a V-shaped groove, usually a groove opened at the boundary of the jigsaw (between two boards); for mass production, the circuit board will be assembled, and in order to facilitate the separation of the two pieces, at the boundary Open the V-groove and other treatments. V-CUT slot circuit board cutting is to cut a V-shaped straight shallow groove on both sides of the board where the board is to be divided.

Knife-type plate machine features:

1. The knife-type splitter adopts the flat knife under the upper round knife, the PC board is on the lower flat knife, the switch is stepped on, and the upper round knife is traversed to the set fixed point, that is, the PC board is cut and divided, and the cut is not laid off. The incision is flat;

2. The above round knife is divided into two types, which can completely reduce stress and prevent cracking of joints and breakage of parts;

3. After connecting multiple pieces of PC board to solder, it will often damage the line when breaking, or break the electronic parts. This machine can avoid damage and improve work efficiency and quality.

4. The machine is driven by a stepping motor, which can be self-locked by power-on and precise positioning. Solved the problem that DC, AC motor changes the travel point after working for a period of time due to inertia;

5. The knife-type splitter adopts the infrared light curtain switch for safety protection. When the hand or foreign object stops working in the knife movement area, the machine will ensure high speed and safe operation;

6. The cutting speed can be set to two levels. The high speed can reach 200mm/s, and the travel distance can be set to advance and stop with the length of the PC board;

7. The lower part of the upper end of the machine is equipped with a fluorescent lamp to prevent the working error in the playground in the shadow environment;

8. The upper and lower knives of the knife-type separator are durable and can be repeatedly ground for imported high-speed steel materials. The original CAB blade can be installed according to customer requirements.


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