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The Biggest Difference Between The Online PCB Separator And The Offline PCB Separation.
Oct 31, 2018

Decomposition: the biggest difference between the online PCB Separator and the offline PCB Separation.


Today, we will decompose the difference between the online PCB Depanelizer and the offline PCB Depanelizer.

Unique features of the online PCB Depanelizer

1. With fully automatic function: from the initial feeding, to the cutting board, and finally the material is completely completed by the machine of the dividing machine, no manual operation is required.

2. The equipment function can be customized: the online type board machine can also be called the non-standard customized board machine, which can be customized according to the process requirements of the customer's production board; the board machine is more convenient to operate. Is no longer a single fixed feature.

3. Online PCB Depanelizer belongs to the latest PCB Depanelizer equipment


Offline PCB Depanelizer unique features

1. Semi-automatic production: The PCB board is placed by the manual operation of the material, the board is automatically cut, and the final discharge is also manually operated, including the side of the waste board.

2. The offline PCB Depanelizer is a standardized device, that is, the function is fixed and no changes can be made.

3. Off-line PCB Depanelizer belongs to the more traditional PCB Depanelizer equipment


Whether you choose an online PCB Depanelizer or an offline PCB Depanelizer, the most important thing is to choose a process that suits your board's process requirements.

If there are no special process requirements, some conventional boards are produced, and it is recommended to select an off-line type separator.

If the production process requirements are high, the board is very special, and the boards with different process requirements are produced all the year round. It is recommended to choose the online type board machine the most cost-effective.


The above analysis of online and offline PCB Separator are all analyzed with the SMTfly PCB Separator machine, and the peers have not analyzed, please understand.

SMTfly PCB Separator machine has online and offline, high cost performance; standard automatic tool change; milling cutter broken knife, sliding knife, anti-reverse automatic visual inspection; using precision screw, faster speed, stable cutting and higher precision.

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