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On The Importance Of Automatic Soldering Machine Fixture
May 30, 2018

Automatic soldering machine equipment in use whether it is on-line soldering machine or desktop soldering machine is to use the fixture, the so-called soldering machine fixture is actually the workpiece of the welding product device tray, tooling fixture with the standard uniform, and Combined with the characteristics of the soldering machine and the current welding products, the user is more convenient and the quality of the welded product is guaranteed.


Online soldering machine has CCD positioning, does not mean that the fixture can be done with nature, the product must also be unified, or is the distance between the CCD capture MAKER point imposition can not be welded, then the desktop soldering machine completely rely on Fixtures to position, we can see that the production of fixtures is a very rigorous section, but the difference between the soldering machine fixture and the ordinary wave soldering fixture is still very big, the importance of the fixture manufacturing process is not important? Is it worth the cost of the fixture?

The answer is undoubtedly "must be important"

Generally get the customer's products, we will first go to the sample during the sample will evaluate how to solder will be better welding quality products come out, which is the key is the solder machine fixture and tip, how to locate the product Well-designed welding, how to design drawings from the project, of course, the design drawings are not simply to hook the painting, there must be standard 3D or 2 large drawings, get the drawings first to assess the changes, and then the final drawings for jig manufacturing work. The production contains many parts of the split production, generally making a fixture to be able to normally fast also takes 4 days, it is still under the circumstances of the work load in the military, so please respect every worker, every product is through many People's energy to make a successful, should not be part of the cost of production of fixtures?

Automatic soldering machine equipment welding products must rely on the fixture bearing and positioning, making a success or failure of the fixture directly affects the quality of the product welding, production of soldering machine fixture to find professional production of automatic soldering machine manufacturer design and production, can be not careless and arrogant.

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