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New Laser Soldering Machine Will Become A New Weapon In The Field Of Soldering
Mar 31, 2018

Laser soldering uses laser as the heat source to heat solder paste and melt. The main feature of laser soldering is that it is process of using laser's high energy to achieve local or micro-area rapid heating to complete the soldering . Compared to the traditional hotbar soldering and Soldering iron soldering, laser soldering has the following advantages:

(a) The laser accuracy is high, the spot size can reach the micron level, the processing time program is controlled, and the precision is much higher than the traditional process mode;

(b) non-contact processing and no stress caused by contact soldering;

(c)  The tip is replaced by a small laser beam, which is also convenient for processing when there are other interferences on the surface of the workpiece;

(d)  Local heating, small heat affected zone;

(e)  No electrostatic threats;

(f) The laser is the cleanest processing method with no consumables, simple maintenance, and easy operation;

(g)  When a yag laser or a semiconductor laser is used as a heat source, it can be transmitted by optical fiber, so it can be processed in a place where it is difficult to weld in a conventional manner, which has good flexibility, good focusing, and easy automation of multi-position devices.

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