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Maintenance Method Of Glue Dispensing Machine
May 24, 2018

Dispensing machine equipment has been used by a large number of production companies, but the maintenance of the dispensing machine has not yet attracted everyone's attention. It is also very important to do a good job of maintaining the dispenser. This can avoid sudden problems in the production process of the machine, thus delaying normal production.


We will explain to you some of the most practical ways to maintain your dispensing machine.

1. Replace the plastic species, the need to clean the pipeline, then close the feed valve, open the valve, the glue barrel after the remaining plastic material, close the discharge valve open the feed valve to the cleaning solvent into the storage barrel , activate the machine, according to the usual operation method to press out the solvent flush.

2. The lifter of the machine dosing cylinder needs to be lubricated regularly to increase the service life; on a regular basis (once a week), a grease gun and high-temperature lithium grease 2-3 guns are used at the nozzle.

3. Air pressure is not normal and found that there is moisture, please check the pressure inside the filter to remove or check the air pressure source can be abnormal.

4. Please clean the machine part regularly to increase the service life.

Ensure that the dispensing machine can run normally, can bring higher efficiency and better benefits to the enterprise; it can also extend the life of the machine.

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