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Is It Necessary To Do A Stress Test On The PCB Separator?
Oct 29, 2018

   Is it necessary to do a stress test on the PCB Separator? If you dont do it, what will happen?

PCB Separator Nowadays, many electronic products and other circuits use PCB products. With the diversification of electronic products, the trend of miniaturization and lightweight design requires higher and higher requirements for PCB boards, the addition of small parts on the PCB, the addition of PCB layers, and the addition of parts on the PCB. In the use of density, in these PCB electronic products, in the process of development, production and packaging, and the use of operators, there are often products that are not born, which makes the quality of products fall outside these external factors, in order to respond to the world's protection of the environment. Summon, the process is changed to a lead-free process, and changes to the process will also result in changes in product functionality. Using the strain measurement technology to understand the PCB product in the process of production, packaging and transportation, the use of resistors, capacitors, BGA damage and the reliability of the products that recognize the above process becomes necessary.

    Therefore, SMTfly feels that it is necessary to do the stress on the PCB Separator, and it must be done. This involves the importance of whether the later series of processes can be carried out normally.

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