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Introduction To The Working Principle And Function Of PCB Automatic Cleaning Machine
Jul 19, 2018

PCB Automatic Cleaning Machine Principle:

The PCB automatic cleaning machine can clean dozens of SMT nozzles for a new generation of PCB automatic cleaning machine. The new PCB automatic cleaning machine uses a common mechanical design, using fluid mechanics to break up the water and produce extremely fine high-pressure water mist. The speed of sound (V = 360m / s) constitutes strong kinetic energy sprayed onto the nozzle, forming a continuous energy field above the nozzle to be cleaned, completely destroying the appearance and internal dirt (because the nozzle is placed independently, during the cleaning process) The nozzle will not be damaged. The cleaning solution (deionized water or distilled water) is actively discharged directly during the cleaning process.


The utility of multi-functionality:

1 This machine uses touch screen man-machine interface, PLC control;

2 Appearance and operation humanized design, the whole is changed to mobile, suitable for offline mobile maintenance. The nozzle tray adopts the drawer separation design scheme, which is convenient to take, adds the machine toolbox, and the waste water tank is environmentally treated and quantitatively discharged;

3 This machine selects three switchable voice conversations in Chinese/English/Japanese;

4 Pneumatic part uses all imported SMC pneumatic components to better ensure stable and efficient work efficiency;

5 The key parts of the whole machine are all imported 304 stainless steel, and the special parts are imported 316 stainless steel to ensure that the whole machine will not rust due to the use of water, and then affect the service life of the equipment and other safety hazards.


PCB Automatic Cleaning Machine Features:

1 can be put into dozens of PCBs for cleaning together at one time;

2 Introduce the drawer type tray placement method, which is more user-friendly and suitable for all nozzles of SMT;

3 Completely solve the dust and impurities that are difficult to clean by ultrasonic waves;

4 will not be cleaned and unclean due to the smaller and smaller nozzle aperture;

5 cleaning is more complete, directly extending the life of the nozzle;

6 non-damage nozzle outer coating, reflector;

7 Wash with environmentally friendly deionized or distilled water;

8 Active cleaning, active and boring;

9 Suitable for a variety of auxiliary equipment.


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