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Introduction To SMT Production Line Configuration Process-Pick And Place Machine
Sep 14, 2018

SMT Production Line Components

Feeder + Printing Machine + High Speed Mounter + Multi-function Mounter + Reflow Furnace + Storage Machine

SMT equipment: the choice of Placement machine is among the top,Pick and Place Machine as follow:SMTfly-4H-3副本.jpg


The printing machine can be divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic. Semi-automatic can not be connected with other SMT equipment, and requires human intervention (such as conveying board), but the structure is simple and the price is cheap (only 1/10~1/ of the fully automatic model) 5) It is suitable for use in research institutes. The typical model has DEK 248. The automatic printing machine can be connected to the SMT production line without human intervention and high degree of automation, suitable for large-scale production. For example, DEK265 INFINITY printing press from DEK is a fully automatic printing press with servo pressure control system. The printing parameters are digitally set by the computer, and the markings of the screen and the substrate can be automatically recognized and aligned by the visual system, and the printing repeat positioning accuracy is up to ±0.004 mm, and the printing cycle period is 8 seconds.

It should be noted that in the conventional solder paste printing process, one of the biggest variables affecting the printing effect is that the quality of the solder paste placed on the template is constantly changing; the evaporation of the flux in the solder paste; the evaporation of the low boiling solvent in the solder; The solder balls are oxidized in an open environment and the solder paste is deteriorated in printing when the printing is suspended. In addition, with the use of solder paste, the amount of solder paste pushed by the blade is reduced, causing a missing print, or the mesh is not completely filled due to excessive solder paste sticking to the doctor blade. The solution to this problem is to place the solder paste in a container and use an automatic solder paste coating system to ensure that the solder paste is applied to the template at the right time. In addition, the use of a container with a coating system also reduces the exposure of the solder paste to the operator and keeps the equipment and other tools as clean as possible.

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