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How To Increase Production Efficiency And Quality?
Mar 29, 2018

Under the influence of the economic environment of the era, the wages of employees in the Pearl River Delta region have become higher and higher, and the cost of employing personnel has been increasing year by year. However, even if the factory is saturated with personnel, the financial statements are less than perfect for one year in the case of production management and sales. Is the company developing to a bottleneck?


Ever since, many professors' business management courses have become increasingly expensive, and the cost of product marketing is also a wild price. Many employers organize employee training for the development of the company. They also take the time to go to class and listen to three days of classes. After three days of blood, even if the course content is put into action, sales deficits are always there.


As production enterprises, quality is the vitality of the company. Entrepreneurs should consider how to improve production efficiency quality without changing production conditions. When the output was increased, the after-sales service was reduced, and the word of mouth was well-made, it was natural that the orders were getting more and more smooth and the orders were soft. So how can we ensure that the production conditions remain unchanged? The first is production site management, followed by material management, and the most important is personnel matching. Now some people have to ask, my 5S is doing the best, the materials are also fully prepared, the machine is also debugging well, but is unable to recruit people, how to do? I used to do PCB electronics board, take this industry as an example. 


Since the increase in the minimum wage for workers in Shenzhen in 2014, the investment in labor costs has increased. Production requires 10 solder hands. Because the smell of solder hurts the body, many young people always resign after a month, so soldering posts have been recruiting new people, and they have been missing. In the peak season, there was no soldering hand and the output was not going up. Every day, the number of customers who picked up the goods received a large number of calls. The highest rate of repairs even reached 10%, which seriously affected the reputation of some companies. In the Pearl River Delta region where competition is so intense, losing its reputation is tantamount to losing the market.

Later, through a friend's introduction, the company purchased a batch of SMTfly soldering machines that completely replaced manual work. An automatic soldering machine could replace three laborers, and the Ministry of Personnel eased recruitment pressure. Without the uncontrollable factors of manual operation, the tin spot welded by the machine is both standard and beautiful, and the production efficiency and product quality are instantly improved. In the subsequent production, there was no criticism from customers for the defective product, and the production department also greatly reduced the work pressure.



The purchasing department calculated an account. An average price of a robot is  40,000 RMB  and its working life is approximately 5 years. An automatic soldering machine takes the place of three workers, and the basic wage of three workers is 6090 RMB a month (not counting overtime pay, five insurances and one gold). The basic salary for five years is 370,000 RMB! How smart you are and  you can see at a glance. Why do a company's profits have not gone up?


The use of automated robots will be the trend of future production development. The use of soldering robots is also very extensive. If you are a manufacturer of PCBs, LEDs, communications, electronics, electrical appliances, electromechanics, automotive electronics, military and aerospace technology, you should consider to use machines instead of labor. It is tangible data for automation equipment to save you money and time. But the saving energy and the reputation of the customer as well as the image of the company are incalculable wealth.

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