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How To Improve SMT Production Efficiency For Manufacturer?
Mar 30, 2018

SMT chip processing efficiency has many aspects, for example, if the overall production volume is fixed, SMT chip production line number increasing, which can increase the production speed, but the operating costs are also increasing.  Now the electronic industry competition is hard to imagine, how to increase SMT efficiency in the case of existing production lines is essential to increase the patch rate and win customer satisfaction. The following briefly introduces the SMT patch rate factors and improvement measures:


SMT production line mainly consists of screen printing machine, high-speed P&P machine, multi-function pick and place machine, reflow machine and AOI machine. If two P&P machines finish a placement process with different time, it will affect the patch rate. And the specific approaches are following:


1, load distribution balance. Properly allocate the number of two SMD components and achieve a load distribution balance to achieve the same SMT placement time for the two SMT placement machines;


2, SMT mounter itself. We all know that SMT placement machine itself has a maximum patch speed value.  But achieving this value is generally not easy to achieve, which has a certain relationship with the SMT placement machine's own structure. For example, P&P machine with X / Y structure takes measures to pick up the components at the same time as possible. On the other hand, when arranging the placement programs, the same type of components are lined up to reduce the times of the nozzles when the component is picked up so as to save mounting time.


The SMT production line has a lot of equipment. When any one device is processing, if it is slow, it will delay the mounting time and affect the whole process. How to improve not only need  theory as guidance, but also need the rich experience of field operators.


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