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How To Extend The Life Of The Pick And Place Machine
Jun 06, 2018


First, to strengthen the daily maintenance of the Pick and Place Machine


The Pick and Place Machine is a very sophisticated, high-tech, high-precision machine that requires a constant temperature, humidity, and clean environment. The routine maintenance must be carried out daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually, and yearly maintenance measures in strict accordance with the requirements of the equipment.


SMT machine maintenance content

1, 10 minutes before work every day by the technician to guide the operator to stop the day of maintenance work.

2. Clean the dust on the surface of the machine with a clean white cloth, including the surface of the fuselage, monitor, keyboard, mouse, buttons, switches, etc. If necessary, wipe the surface of the machine with a rag and dipped in soap and water, and wring it out without dripping. Do not allow the use of alcohol, wash water type solvent cleaning.

3. Check if the air pressure reaches 0.5MPA.

4. Check whether the conveyor belt runs smoothly or not. Use the PCB to test without a pallet.

5, check the safety device is normal, including before and after the safety gate, FEEDER floating SENSOR, but also check the area SENSOR, is normal, in the running and suspended state of the test SENSOR function can display the SENSOR alarm state on the display normally.

6, using a vacuum cleaner to clean the components scattered inside the machine.

7. Clean the dust on the LASER SENSOR VCS lens with lens paper.

8. Whether there is an abnormal phenomenon in the sound of machine warm-up machine sounds, and no abnormality will start after production.


SMT machine maintenance content

1. Do a spot check first to check whether the gas distribution pipes and joints are leaked and whether each unit cylinder is working properly.

2. Check whether the conveyor belt, pulleys, and linings are damaged, and immediately repair or replace the damaged ones.

3. Remove all NOZZLE from the ATC and put it into the ultrasonic bath (add the alcohol to the ultrasonic wave). Take it out about 5 minutes and blow it clean with a blower. Then apply a small amount of 1# oil to the head of the cotton swab. Note that 505, 506, 507, 508 and other head NOZZLE must be clean when the plastic head is up, and can not be stained with alcohol.

4. After wiping the ACT slider with a white cloth, add a little 1# oil to the movable slider fixing screw.

5, with a white cloth to the transmission part of the cylinder, belt, slider, width adjustment wire plug, wipe clean and in the block, pulley, add a small amount of 1 # oil, add a small amount of layer of printing on the width of the adjustment plug silk butter.

6. Wipe the XY linear guide with a white cloth and add a thin layer of stamper butter.

7. Clean LASER WINDOW with lens paper.

8. Re-test all NOZZLEs within SET UP and save and exit.

9, in the manual menu to view the LASER curve lag wipe clean.

10. After opening the front cover and slowly warming up for 2 minutes, wipe off excess butter with a white cloth.


Patch month maintenance content

1. Turn off the power of the machine.

2. Wipe all NOZZLE sleeves with 1.5M internal angle and replace all FILTER.

3. Clean all SENSOR dust with a white cloth.

4. Clean dust in the distribution box with a vacuum cleaner, clean the card piece by piece as necessary, and clean it with a detergent. Dry it with a blower and reload it.

5, remove the vacuum generator, decompose and clean, use a white cloth to wipe the internal dirty grease, clean the body with a cleaning agent and blow clean, and then re-apply seal oil in the seal ring to reassemble.

6, with a white cloth to X, Y, Z axis guide rails, screw clean, in addition to the Z-axis guide, screw need to add AFL oil, other rails, slider plus EP2 butter.

7. Remove the mouse and clean the internal dirt with a white cloth.

8. Turn on the warming machine for 5 minutes and wipe the excess butter with a white cloth.


Second, the Pick and Place Machine operator requirements


1. Operators should receive certain SMT professional knowledge and technical training.

2, in strict accordance with the operating procedures of the machine to operate. Do not allow equipment to operate sick. If the fault is found, it shall be shut down in time and reported to the technical responsible person or equipment maintenance personnel before being used.

3, require the operator to focus on the operation process, so that eye-deep, ear Qin, hand work.

Eyesight - Observe whether the machine is abnormal during operation. For example, the tape reel does not move, the plastic tape breaks, and the INDEL placement is not correct.

Ear-Tip--Audible sound in the ear during operation. For example, abnormal head sounds, missing component abnormal sounds, transmitter abnormal sounds, and scissors abnormal sounds.

Hand-working - find anomalies in a timely manner to solve, some small fault operators can solve their own problems, such as plastic tape, re-assemble the feeder, modify the placement location, hit INDEX and so on. There are problems with the machinery and the circuit. Make sure that maintenance personnel are inspected.


Third, to develop measures to reduce or avoid mistakes in the operation of the Pick and Place Machine


In the placement process, the easiest and most common mistakes and faults are misplaced components and improper placement. Therefore, the following measures are formulated to prevent it.

1. After the feeder is programmed, it is necessary to have someone to check whether the component values on the feeders' brackets' numbering positions are consistent with the corresponding feeder number's component values in the programming table. If inconsistent, you must correct it.

2. For tape feeders, when filling each tray and feeding it, someone must check whether the new tray value is correct.

3. After the patch is programmed, it must be edited once, check the component number of each mounting step, the rotation angle of the mounting head, and the mounting position.

4. After each batch of products has been mounted on the first PCB, special personnel must be inspected. Finding problems should be corrected in time by modifying the procedures.

5. During the mounting process, it is often checked that the mounting position is not correct; there are many missing components and so on. Find the problem in time to find the cause and eliminate it.

6, set the pre-weld inspection station, (artificial or AOI)

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