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How To Ensure The Accuracy Of Cutting Accuracy Of Small PCB Boards
Oct 31, 2018

Automatic online PCB Cutting Machine

    Electronic products are paying more and more attention to user experience, and PCB thinning is one of the main development trends. The traditional cutting machine has been unable to accurately locate the manual teaching method with the naked eye. SMTfly automatic cutting machine uses CCD imaging technology to enlarge the product on the computer screen and stop the precise positioning programming to meet the customer's needs. The use of different pixel CCDs and different magnifications of the lens, as well as a combination of multiple light sources, can achieve very accurate positioning accuracy, and can be programmed to comply with the individual errors of the product itself.


    The factors that affect the effect of the board are usually pcb size, board stress, and board tool. In addition to the elements of the pcb cutting machine, there are many factors that affect the accuracy of the separation. Naturally, not only the above-mentioned ones, but sometimes even the result of various forces working together. This puts higher requirements on the pcb depanelizer process. On the one hand, it should try to avoid the problem. On the other hand, when the problem has arisen, it is necessary to find the cause and solve the problem according to the actual production operation process.

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