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Fully-automatic Solder Robots Play An Important Role In Application Fields
May 08, 2018

1. In the aerospace, aerospace, defense, automotive and high-end communications industries, through-hole components are still the best choice for the pursuit of solder joint reliability under extreme conditions (the surface-mount components are soldered on one surface, In through-hole component soldering, the solder wraps the pins of the entire component, which is more reliable from the mechanical point of view.

2. Components, DIP-packaged components, connectors, sensors, transformers, covers, cables, cables, horns, and motors that cannot be reflowed and wave soldered due to temperature sensitivity.

3. Mixed circuit boards, hard and soft boards, rigid-flexible boards, and automatic soldering machines have a three-dimensional structure or stack actual target boards to limit the use of production equipment such as reflow soldering and wave soldering. four. In small batch production and trial production, complex production methods and expensive large-scale equipment are not used. Fives. Due to labor costs, loss of skilled solder workers, low efficiency, and waste of solder consumables, the use of automatic soldering machine operations instead of manual welding is the best choice.


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