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Free Sample Of Automatic Soldering Machine
Apr 17, 2018

Our customers need to know:

   For customers who are interested in purchasing automatic soldering machines, our company provides free sample service.


The first step: Express your product to the company. Express delivery clearly write your company name, contact person and telephone number, and detailed address; it is best to be able to attach your requirements, such as plumpness, labor efficiency, desired efficiency, soldering position, etc.


Step 2: After the company receives your sample, we will arrange an engineer to contact with you, and further to introduce  SMTfly automatic soldering machine and understand your product overview.


Step 3: Submit the product to the engineering department for evaluation and arrange the test machine. We will take pictures of your product's automatic soldering process.


Step 4: Send the soldering video, soldered sample pictures, evaluation report (solder efficiency, quotation, etc.) to your e-mail, and even send the good solder sample back to you for reference!


Step 5: If you are not satisfied, we will further debug the machine or fixture and program until you are satisfied with the results.


The sixth step: negotiate automatic soldering machine quotation.


Our company is dedicated to serve you, and provide you with the best quality products, best price, best after-sales service.We are looking forward to working with you!


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