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How Is Dispensing Applied In The Mobile Phone Industry?
Nov 09, 2018

With the rapid development of technology, there are more and more areas of dispensing applications, such as mechanical hardware, automotive and parts, electronics and 3c manufacturing. Among them, the application in the field of mobile phones can be said to have emerged with the development of smart phones. Next we will detail how the dispensing is applied in the mobile phone industry!


Dispensing, also known as sizing, gluing, potting, dispensing, etc., can make the product play the role of adhesion, potting, insulation, fixing, smooth surface, etc., in the production process of mobile phones and accessory parts. The dispensing process and dispensing technology are crucial.


Nowadays, the mobile dispensing technology is divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic dispensing. The semi-automatic dispensing is mainly because manual intervention is required in the process of dispensing, and automatic dispensing is completely unnecessary for manual dispensing. Most mobile phone manufacturers use the "high precision, fast efficiency" automatic dispensing method to complete the work of dispensing the mobile phone; the glue used includes hot melt adhesive, uv adhesive, instant adhesive, silicone, conductive adhesive, etc. .


Mobile phone dispensing


Dispensing technology is widely used in the electronics industry represented by the mobile phone industry. Dispensing can play the role of adhesion, sealing and connection. In the process of dispensing, due to the fluid characteristics of the glue, there are problems such as uneven glue, overflow of glue, and incomplete sealing of glue. The industry has introduced an automatic dispensing equipment based on the glue machine.


At present, the materials of the mobile phone casing mainly use alloys and engineering plastics. In the process of producing and assembling mobile phones, the traditional thread and buckle can not meet the characteristics of ultra-thin, ultra-light, three-dimensional and beautiful. In order to achieve the characteristics of no gap and flat and thin appearance, many manufacturers like to adopt in the process of assembling mobile phones. Glue to bond and fit the phone components.


The places where you need to dispense glue inside the phone are:


1. The fixing of the mobile phone motherboard;

2, the bonding of the plastic shell;

3. Bonding of the screen of the mobile phone to the frame:

4, camera window positioning;

5, the side button is fixed and fixed;

6, charging and headphone jack fixed;


Of course, the functions of different brands of mobile phones are different, and the demand for dispensing is different. It is necessary to choose the place to dispense according to the actual situation.


With regard to the dispensing technology and technology used in the mobile phone industry, do we have a complete understanding? What should you pay attention to? In order to save a lot of labor costs and improve the company's profits, the current manufacturing factory must use high-precision and high-speed dispenser equipment instead of labor, which not only improves production efficiency, precise dispensing, but also guarantees product quality. To further improve factory automation, intelligence, and unmanned.


It can be said that the dispensing technology is closely related to the quality of mobile phones. The main function of dispensing is to prevent the phone from falling, squeezing, bending and causing welding cracking, which is helpful for the reliability of the whole machine. Therefore, in the manufacturing process of the mobile phone, dispensing Machine equipment is undoubtedly the key.

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