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Depth Problem Of Laser Marking Machine
Mar 13, 2018

The reasons for the failure to reach the required depth mark are:

(1) the output power of the laser to meet the requirements;

(2) whether the adjustment of the light path is accurate;

The position of the beam enlargement is correct.

(4) the surface of the pollution-free lens;

(5) the surface is on the focal plane;

(6) the output power of the laser is reduced by the DC 28V voltage, which leads to the output power of the laser.

The speed is too fast.

The solution of the printing distortion of the scanning head of the vibrating mirror:

(1) produces occipital or bucket shape distortion, in the sign of the phenomenon, which is inherent by the vibrating mirror scanning vibration. The solution is signal distortion correction.

The school is in two aspects, one is hardware calibration, and at the moment it is less. The other is software correction, we use relatively single;

(3) the way of hardware calibration is to change the voltage value according to certain rules, and then transmit it to the D / A card of the analog signal of the calibration card of the vibration lens laser printer.

(4) the software correction method marks the software itself with correction function, which indicates that the first digital signal in processing method is then sent to the D / A card of the signal.

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