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Common Sense And Knowledge Of Hot Bar Soldering Machine
Jun 22, 2018

First, the common sense of pulse hot bar soldering machine

The heating method of pulse hot bar soldering machine is mainly related to temperature selection, technical control, and quality of processed products. The traditional heating method usually uses steam heating and electric heating. The former simply presents problems such as uneven surface temperature, while the latter has high power consumption and high operating cost. Later, there were heat transfer oil heating methods. This heating method has a high heat capacity, a uniform temperature, and a small heat loss, so that the production cost can be reduced, and the desired hot bar soldering machine action can be achieved.

The hot platen in the pulse hot bar soldering machine is also a very important part. Its function can be evaluated from several aspects, such as the use of platen data, machining accuracy, and the placement of media channels in the hot platen.

The connection and sealing of the pulse hot bar soldering machine should be suitable. In the meantime, the gasket material is traditionally made of asbestos rubber sheet, in addition to some new materials, such as PTFE and surrounding graphite, because their sealing effect is good.

The control system of the pulse hot bar soldering machine is mainly to control the heating system and the hydraulic system, which is related to the sensitivity and accuracy. However, the composition of its control part is more complicated, so it is also simple to present problems. If the function of the hot bar soldering machine is more complicated, then the use of control elements, such as solenoid valves, should be reduced as much as possible.


Second, the hot plate deformation causes

In the production process, when the hot bar soldering machine is stepped up, it suffers from two effects of temperature and pressure. The hot bar soldering machine plate often presents pits, cracks, deformations, etc., and also causes temperature inhomogeneity, which limits the size of the hair. After the board is sanded, it shows white spots on the board, some of the softness, the unevenness of the tiger spot and wrinkles, and the unequal thickness of the hard layer, which greatly affect the quality of the product. In particular, after the hot plate is deformed, the thickness error of each layer is large, and some are thicker. When the sand is polished, the hard layer of the plate is lost, and when the sand is polished, the surface of the plate cannot be sanded. In order to reduce the quality problems such as surface roughness and softness, it is usually necessary to add the thickness of the wool board and the thickness of the hard layer on the board to ensure the minimum sanding margin. This not only adds the production cost of the product, but also reduces the production cost. The quality defects such as the uneven density of the wool board and the warping and deformation of the standard deposits of food companies have brought difficulties to the adjustment of the sander. Undoubtedly, the main reason for the large thickness error in the production of multi-layer hot bar soldering machine production lines is due to deformation of the hot plate. The deformation of hot plate is mostly regular transverse deformation and longitudinal deformation, and its causes are mainly the following:

 1. The heating is not uniform, and the temperature rises too fast during preheating, especially when it is warmed up in cold state.

 2. Heating with steam, sometimes the steam pipe in the hot plate is not smooth or fouled by fouling, uneven conduction during heating, so that the temperature rise of the various parts of the hot platen is different, resulting in hot-pressed deformation; sometimes condensate discharge is not Smooth and not easy to control the temperature, more easily lead to deformation of the hot platen.

 3. In the production process, the situation that the density of the missing slab, the short slab or the individual slab is too low is one level, so that the pressure gathering is added to the thickness gauge and the hot bar soldering machineing plate is deformed.

 4. If the hot bar soldering machine is not well-written, the pallets are unloaded, and the rear slab collides with the front panel, which will cause the fibers in the front of the slab to pile up. If the operator cannot find it in time, the hot bar soldering machine machine can easily form a zigzag deformation of the hot plate.

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