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Choose Fiber Or CO2 Laser Marking Machine?
May 26, 2018

Some customers may ask: Is my product better with a fiber laser marking machine or a CO2 laser marking machine? More specifically, it is: What are the characteristics of these two laser marking machines? What objects can be laser marked?

Fiber laser marking machines can mark all metals and some non-metals, but there are many non-metals that cannot be marked, including ceramics, wood, leather, cotton and linen fabrics. If the workpiece material that needs to be processed is just non-metal, then the fiber laser marking machine can only be dropped, and the non-CO2 laser marking machine is the only one.

We explain from the perspective of science and technology that the wavelengths of the two laser marking machines are different. The wavelength of the laser generated by the fiber laser (referred to as the fiber laser) is 1.06 μm. The laser generated by the CO2 laser (hereinafter referred to as CO2 laser) The wavelength of the machine is 10.6 μm. The metal and non-metal molecular structures are not the same, resulting in different attraction to light. Therefore, different products correspond to different lasers.

If you are not sure, you can send a sample to us. We will conduct a free sample test for you and recommend the most suitable laser marking machine.

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