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Cause Of Printing Offset Of Solder Paste Printing Press
Mar 13, 2018

1, because of the cause of coordinate migration, the method of processing is to adjust the coordinates.

2, because the positioning point is poorly recognized, the method of processing is to debug the visual system of the full automatic solder paste printer or to rewrite the coordinates of the positioning point.

3, because of the fixed loosening of steel net, the method of treatment is to check the fixed of steel net.

4, because the PCB s limit is not stable, processing method of circuit board positioning fixture, inspection fixture and vacuum suction tray can stable PCB;

5, because the camera encountered PCB, the method of processing is to lock the camera cover in the system Z.

6, it is because the location point to identify the snowflakes, processing methods collate the X signal line, check the visual system box wiring is loose. Replace the camera lens.

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