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Benefits Of Using Online AOI Devices
May 17, 2018

Benefits of using online AOI devices: 

1. High degree of automation 

A. Simultaneous production and inspection are completed. Efficiency comparison offline aoi reduces product inspection turnaround time.


B. Reduce personnel involvement, enter the SMT production line from pcb, and fully mechanize operations between PCB outflows to avoid man-made, manual or semi-automatic low-efficiency work methods.


C. From raw materials to inspections, the fully automated process of production meets the concept of Chinese people in one step.


2. Simplify the process 

A. online aoi equipment streamlined the product PCB, the turnaround process in the SMT production process.


B. The overall production time is shortened. It should be noted that some aoi equipment users will place the aoi directly behind the reflow soldering. The purpose is to increase the production efficiency. Some friends will jump out and say, you see, the time is similar. This issue is described in detail in the next chapter, "The Advantages and Disadvantages of Offline Aoi Equipment Efficiency Improvement."


C. In terms of cost, reducing the labor cost means reducing the factory's initial investment in products. From the perspective of streamlining the process, the process is reduced, which reduces manpower and inefficient investment. It is also cost savings. One way.


3. detection speed

A. sounds a bit nonsense, but it is necessary to mention that the reason is that some friends will mention, if the online aoi equipment fails, the entire line is paralyzed, how can we say it? In fact, we are concerned with the problems. If an online aoi always fails, I believe that no one company will purchase such equipment; at the same time, these friends are also asked to check the bosses for more and more, not to leave such equipment in the company. On the smt station.


B. The testing process is almost completed synchronously with production. Reduced production time. This is the most direct expression of the speed of detection.


C. From the perspective of cost, eliminating the intermediate links and reducing investment are equivalent to reducing manpower costs.


4. high test quality 

A. high-quality basis is the aoi equipment configuration; relative offline aoi configuration, the overall configuration of the online aoi equipment is to be higher than a grade, regardless of from the hardware, or from the software point of view is the case, contact friends online aoi, There is understanding. I will not explain it here.


B. Online aoi equipment simplifies the process flow and reduces unnecessary errors. From the perspective of overall quality control, it has a positive effect on the improvement of PCBA inspection quality.


C. Online process data is relatively innate a high-quality detection advantage over offline aoi's lag quality information feedback.


5. Increase the quality monitoring before soldering 

A. Online aoi device detection in front of the oven is a function that offline aoi devices cannot achieve. This is also the absolute difference between online aoi and offline optical inspection equipment.


B. Begin monitoring the welding quality of PCBA from the component patch, and focus on improving the scrap rate of defective products and products from the source, effectively reducing the number of scrap products.


6. Save costs. 

Through the above detailed description, we can easily find that there are three focus points in the cost-saving calculation:

A. link cost, ie: reduce the intermediate links and reduce the input of manpower and material resources. It also reduces the error cycle of intermediate turnover.

B. Quality cost, reducing the economic cost of defective products is the best annotation of quality control for cost control. From mounting to post-weld testing, online aoi equipment provides a comprehensive quality monitoring program.

C. High-quality product reputation is the most powerful support for corporate brand investment, and it is also the most effective guarantee. From the perspective of the company's development, high-quality products do not have to worry about no market.


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