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Automatic Soldering Machine Doubles Solder Quality
May 14, 2018

Although the automatic soldering machine preempts manual soldering in terms of efficiency and precision, this does not mean that an automatic soldering machine can be used to achieve full solder joints. Sometimes the points are also subject to errors. The automatic soldering machine is a machine. It does not distinguish talents. The quality of the solder depends largely on the proper operation method. Proficient in mastering the use of soldering machines and ensuring the quality of the solder has become critical.



Before using the soldering machine to know the difference between the automatic soldering machine and the manual soldering machine, the automatic soldering machine just replaced your hands, not to say that replacing a set of soldering tasks, the automatic soldering machine is controlled by the data on the microcomputer. For soldering, all data is required to be stored in advance by the microcomputer controller. The soldering machine automatically recalls the stored data during the task, including the tip warm-up time, shaft movement interval, soldering time, and solder status. It can be seen that in addition to some complicated soldering points and the reasons for the machine, the quality of the solder is guaranteed to depend on people.

A reasonable warm-up time, according to the size of the iron and the weldment to set a reasonable preheating time, requires the workers to change the preheating time according to the actual situation, for example, we have to extend the time to meet the solder material with a small soldering iron welding large weldment Temperature requirements.

Adhere to the appropriate temperature, the use of low-temperature soldering iron welding solder joints, can lead to the flux in the solder wire has not been diffused on the surface of the weld will be premature volatilization effect; solder melting speed too fast affect the development of the flux effect; Work is short, but due to too high temperature will form an overheating scene. Therefore, we must control the temperature of Lo Tie head within a reasonable range.

The correct position of the iron head often makes such mistakes: In order to increase soldering accuracy, the position of the iron head is adjusted to a low level, and attempts are made to use the iron head to apply force to the solder joint. The onset of such errors is due to the inability to understand the principle of soldering. The correct principle of the soldering task is that the solder is heated by the heat of the contact area, not through the iron head.

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