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Automatic Soldering Equipment Will Be A Key Element In Controlling The Cost Of Electronics Manufacturing
Apr 24, 2018

In China's electronics manufacturing industry, which requires cost control and safe production, electronic manufacturing adopts automated electronic manufacturing to reduce manpower resources. Automatic soldering machines and other automated industrial equipment have become the key to the cost advantages of the Chinese electronics manufacturing industry in the world.


Nowadays, placement, welding, test and measurement, and PCB assembly have entered the era of automation. Automatic soldering machines, automatic dispensing machines, automatic pick and place  machines, and automatic testing machines have all been popularized in large areas. At the same time, the wide application of industrial robot technology further explains the significance of automated production for electronic production.

The most typical sample is automatic soldering robot.At present, the electronic manufacturing industry is not only faced with the problem of rising labor costs. Over-reliance on labor fatigue caused by manual labor work, injuries and related legal issues related to accidents also affect production costs as practical problems in the production process. Since the submission of the concept of electronic manufacturing automation , it has attracted the attention of various manufacturers.

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Automation technology can greatly reduce the labor intensity, improve the accuracy of measurement and detection and the real-time information transmission, ensure the safe operation of equipment, and can effectively avoid the occurrence of security accidents. At the same time, the application of safety automation technologies such as safety inspection and monitoring systems, safety control systems, safety buses, and distributed operations can provide further security for the production process.



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