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Automatic Lock Screw Machine Advantages And Features
Jun 12, 2018

Automatically lock screw machine according to its head, can be divided into:

One-axis automatic screw machine, two-axis automatic screw machine, three-axis automatic screw machine, four-axis automatic screw machine,

Five-axis automatic screw machine, six-axis automatic screw machine, seven-axis automatic screw machine, eight-axis automatic screw machine, nine-axis automatic screw machine, etc. are determined according to the customer's on-site requirements.

Automatic lock screw machine is easy to jam and screw supply failure

Automatic lock screw machines, also known as automatic screw feeders, automatic screw feeders, industrial tightening systems, and screw-locked robots, are used to replace traditional manual tightening screws. Manual screw tightening includes manual tightening and electric screwdriver or pneumatic screwdriver tightening. The latter generates rotational power in an electric or pneumatic manner to replace the frequent manual tightening action, to some extent reduce the work of the lock screw. Intensity, but it still takes a lot of work time and effort due to the manual placement of screws and the alignment of the screw heads.

Automatic screw machine which design is good

Enterprises buying new equipment and adopting new technologies mainly change existing unfavorable factors in production, increase production efficiency, increase product qualification rate, reduce production costs, and reduce labor. The cost of equipment investment and the rate of return are decisive factors for the purchase of the company.

Automatic lock screw machine cost and return rate

As automatic lock screw machines usually have several types, different types of automatic lock screw equipment, the return on investment varies greatly, and automatic lock screw machine belongs to non-standard customized automation equipment, the use of that type of equipment also need to see the production of the product Requirements cannot be generalized.

For example, the multi-axis efficiency is high. Many screws (2-20 pieces) can be screwed at a time. A single device can replace multiple employees and its return on investment is quite high. However, in products with more screws, this type of product is not suitable. For example, in the LED module industry, there are usually more than 100 screws in a module. Theoretically, all screws are screwed together with high efficiency, but in actual design, The equipment cost of 100 batches of electric batches and 100 screws at a time exceeds the expectations of some companies. At the same time, the feasibility of the scheme is not strong. (The air supply required for the delivery of 100 screws at one time requires most enterprises to be unable to meet the requirement of 100 batches of electric batches. Difficulty, so no comparison between multi-axis and coordinate systems is possible. We list the ROI of the three types of automatic locking screw devices separately. Taking the product of 6 screws as an example, the company currently has 20 employees working. Only 5 employees are required to complete the existing production tasks.

AS 4.jpg

Automatic lock screw machine features:

1, combined with high-performance electric or pneumatic screwdrivers, automatic feeding control system and high-precision screw claw head (or gas suction head);

2, screw head can be designed according to the different screw shape, can solve 99% above the uneven environment to pay;

3, to meet the needs of a variety of human needs such as screw lock positioning, sliding teeth, floating, leak lock detection;

4, optional electric or pneumatic screwdriver for lock, can pay 2 to 10 screws at the same time;

5, automatic feeding, automatic lock payment, manual control, operating safety, and improve after-sales service;

6, automatic feeding control + precision lock claw head + multi-axis simultaneous lock + screw high efficiency lock pay;

7, using PLC + touch screen control system, easy to operate, stand-alone storage of 99 groups of programs, without reprogramming

8, quality detection system, detection of missing locks, sliding teeth, locks are not in place, etc., effective monitoring of lock quality and quantity;

Automatic lock screw machine precautions:

1, the use of screws should be less foreign body, mixed material, flower head and other defects, otherwise it will cause the machine to work is not smooth

2. The screws used should be commonly used, with a large number of types, to improve the use of automatic screw machine

3, the position of the lock screw as far as possible uniform size, to avoid different locations, uneven surface, narrow space, etc.

4. Use the screws with the same specifications on the same product as the multi-axis lock screw machine

Remarks: The scope of application of multi-axis automatic locking screw machine: The same workpiece with multiple screws of the same or different specifications at the same time for high efficiency lock, suitable for mechanized procedures, high automation program, a higher degree of product refinement product line multi-axis automatic lock screw machine.

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